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Wayfinding: Giving You the Power to Customize Your Solutions

Depending on the needs of your business, if you are interested in presenting navigation information to your customers and visitors for the simplest ease of use, Intermedia Touch’s Wayfinding Software may be the ideal solution.

The unique technology behind our Wayfinding Software allows you to customize the experience in every way, as it is created to your needs with exact precision. If your business needs a solution for guiding your patrons from one point to another, while helping them get back to where they started, this software can be the ideal addition. This software has been used for such applications as malls, airports, transportation stations, college campuses, and sports complexes, giving visitors the ability to quickly locate their destinations so they can easily get where they need to go, even in the most complex environments. For just about any circumstance, we can build the software to suit your individual business’s needs.

The Wayfinding Package from Intermedia Touch

We offer a wide range of features to ensure our Wayfinding Software fulfills all of your needs, and for our customers, we create an economic package that includes everything necessary for usage. When you order this software, it will consist of 3D Wayfinding, Interactive Systems, along with Static Software.

3D Wayfinding is a unique program that will enable your guests and visitors to have a profoundly interactive view of the location’s setting. It includes a 3D layout of the facility, bringing the physical into an easily understood perspective. The Interactive Systems will enable guests to then engage with the content via the touchscreen. Finally, completing the picture is the Static Software, which gives the user the ability to use points for reference on the digital map, giving them more intimate knowledge of the facility as they get familiar with it.

The overall customer experience is enriched as a result of the efficient wayfinding, as it can communicate in a manner few other methods can. The result is a more confident customer who has a more meaningful experience in your facility, improving customer service on a very intuitive level.

Wayfinding is one of the most innovative solutions for guiding customers and providing direction in a clear, modern manner. The benefits are many, and it is becoming a more sought-after option to enhance the experience of guests in a variety of environments. If your business, facility, or center can be improved with a higher level of communication to enable better direction, consider the option of Wayfinding Software from Intermedia Touch. Contact us today to learn more about our digital signage solutions and how we can bring your visions to reality.

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