Intermedia Touch Wayfinding Systems

Fully Customizable, Economical, Easy to Use

Enhance Customer Experience and Confidence

Intermedia Touch’s Wayfinding software platform provides you with a fully customizable and economical solution of giving your patrons an easy-to-navigate depiction of where they are, where they’re going, and how they find their way back. This easy to navigate software is built to achieve the specific needs and desired functionality of your business.

  • Dynamically Guide your visitors with enhanced functionality
  • Provide a point of reference through traditional and mobile technology
  • Display interactive and realistic representations of your business
  • Provide an additional avenue for branding, marketing, and revenue

Intermedia Touch Provides These Types of Wayfinding:

 3D Wayfinding

A realistic 3-D layout of the facility

Interactive systems

An opportunity for your guests to print directions through a touch-screen platform and more.

Static software

An easy to use digital map for your guests to familiarize them through a point of reference.

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