Interactive Digital Signage: 3 Types of Wayfinding Displays

This is done by depicting a virtual layout of the business with an easy-to-navigate display. The three most common wayfinding displays are: digital static wayfinding, interactive wayfinding, or a 3D wayfinding. Each solution provides the needed information at the consumer’s fingertips, however all vary dramatically in overall look, functionality, interactivity, and cost.

So what makes each wayfinding solution so different and unique?

Digital Static Wayfinding: This solution in its simplest form gives your visitors an easy point of reference through an electronic map. It shows your visitors where everything is located within your campus, Facility, and / or grounds in a simple graphic layout. This solution also allows you to display content highlighting your upcoming events, marketing programs and recent incentives so you can maximize its benefit. The only drawback is that this solution is not interactive or engaging but it is the least expensive option out of all three.

Interactive Wayfinding: This type of signage involves touch-screen technology and it comes fully personalized. Meaning that this solution guides an individual through your facility from point A to point B so there is no guess work. How does it work? Guests will touch the destination of their choice and the map will then visually show them how to get from point A to point B. This allows your guests to see the exact route in which they need to travel to find what they are looking for. Similar to Digital Static wayfinding however more engaging and more precise. Guests don’t have to stand at the wayfinding unit searching for where they need to go, they can simply type In the name.

3D Wayfinding: This is the most complex solution. It shows the map of your location in 3D allowing your visitors to be more familiarized with their surroundings all with a professional, visual impact. For example, you can display a specific office or building in 3D and also show the route from point A to Point B in 3D. This allows you to dynamically guide your visitors with enhanced functionality while displaying a realistic representation of your business. This solution is the most expensive however it also provides the biggest impact. It does everything that Static and interactive wayfinding does however it takes it up several notches. For companies that want to truly impress and provide their patrons with the most comprehensive, memorable, engaging and interactive solution…..they go with 3D Wayfinding.

All solutions guide your visitors to where they want to go, but some of them are more personalized and realistic than others. It is important for you to understand what wayfinding solutions are out there and which one can help you achieve your business and customer service goal.

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