Video Walls

(Interactive or Noninteractive)

Video walls can help your brand engage with viewers on social media, display live feeds or serve as sales tools. Command centers can immensely benefit from this invaluable tool in keeping their teams informed. Interactive video walls also provide your visitors and customers with impactful, fun and engaging experiences, thus making your brand more alluring and captivating. You can virtually display any content since the controller captures signals in different formats and resolutions from computers, cameras, cable boxes, etc.

Using a video wall grants you resilience and reliability. Our interactive video walls are built using professional-grade components designed to withstand vulnerabilities like heat, humidity, and light. Since they are designed for maximum uptime, expect minimal maintenance over extended years of operation. We want to help you get the best digital signage solution, and this is why we work hard every day to provide you with solutions that have the best quality at affordable prices.

As digital signage integrators, we also bring you easy-to-install custom software for your interactive video wall, seamless LCD screens, LED video panels, custom open source video wall software, video wall management software, multi-touch video wall and much more. Get in touch with us to find out more about our marketing solutions.

Engage visitors with drama in full-height.

Our interactive video walls include:

  • Seamless LCD screens
  • LED video panels
  • Custom open source video wall software
  • Video Wall Controller and Management software
  • Multi-touch video wall
  • And much more!

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