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Video Walls Brings Your Company’s Interactive Vision to Life.

Video walls are becoming more and more popular as an option for businesses wanting to engage visitors in an entertaining, informative manner that allows for extensive customization. These unique displays can bring an interactive approach into a space, whether used to provide information, enhance an experience, or to drive sales by presenting relevant content.

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility with Video Walls  

4x4 Video Wall from Intermedia Touch at Miami Marlins Press Room.

If you want to make your space more visual while enhancing the image of your brand, one of the best ways to achieve an interactive experience is through a custom video wall. Video walls have many uses; however, they are an incredible solution for bringing the clearest visuals to the forefront of your space.

Using a video wall, you can efficiently transform a blank space into an immersive experience. Whether it’s an auditorium, a lobby, a conference room, broadcast studio, or another area that can benefit from having crystal-clear visual communications, video walls are unparalleled in their ability to present information in a modern, streamlined, eye-catching manner.

Using customized technology, video walls operate according to your needs. Content is easily accessed through a controller, which operates by capturing signals in a variety of formats and resolutions, which can be sourced from a range of resources such as computers, cameras, cable boxes, and more.

Brilliant Full-Scale Video Displays for Every Need

Video walls are dramatic. They instantly catch the attention of those who pass by and view them, while making it impossible to avoid the message you are presenting. Whether you are delivering social media content, news, imagery, video relevant to your brand, or presenting a live feed of an event, a video wall communicates like nothing else.

A customized video wall can be an effective way to present information with exceptional visibility. You will have the ability to present all varieties of information in the most visually-engaging manner. Because they are customized to fit the needs of your space, they can be created in the correct height and width for maximum effect.

Are You Considering How a Video Wall Can Enhance Your Business?  

3x3 Video Wall from Intermedia Touch.

There are countless ways an interactive video wall can benefit a business. They offer an excellent option to market your services and offerings in a visual manner. They are customizable to fit your business to your exact needs, allowing you to convey a creative means of grabbing attention and getting a message across. A video wall can enable you to offer your information in a current manner that showcases newsworthy happenings. As a sales tool, you have the ability to demonstrate what it is you’re selling, along with keeping your team continuously abreast of company happenings. Simply, video walls can be tailored to the vision you have in mind and executed to enhance your brand’s outward approach. Video walls deliver a serious impact; few means of digital signage can engage those who encounter them in a better manner. Your content can be fun, serious, informative, stunning; it’s entirely up to you and what you want to provoke in your viewer. Above all, your brand will benefit from the dramatic, alluring, captivating approach that allows you to stand out and grab interest.

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