Video Walls: Enriching Kids Educational Experience

Video Wall Solutions: Enriching Kids Educational Experience

Nowadays, we see right and left the constant implementation of technology. Every person is attached to a mobile phone as if it were an extension of the arm, and young children have perfected the use of tablets and computers before they can so much as drink from a Sippy cup. Teenagers can’t leave the house without their iPhones and public spaces are filled with mobile soundtracks of the different ring and text tones.

It has become an obsession that makes up the majority of student’s recreational time. Some schools reprimand students for using these devices during class time and label them as distractions. But what if we could take these “distractions” and make them useful in schools? How can educational leaders remodel their teaching methods to appeal to the younger, more technological demographic of students that learn today? The answer is simple. Take these devices that students “just can’t live without,” and change the content to supplement the information being learned.

Video wall solutions are the future of education. Students can connect from their tablets and laptops to a giant spectacle of interactive information being broadcasted on a screen. Teachers can engage the students to physically manipulate content on the display, turning it into an interactive exercise. Now, the distraction is the main event.

The days are here where students can stream a presentation straight to the video wall and perform their tasks using cutting edge, audiovisual technology. A simple powerpoint presentation will feel like a mix between a video game and a motion picture.

“Children learn differently and audiovisual equipment gives teachers the chance to stimulate each child’s learning process with a combination of pictures, sounds, and attention-grabbing media. We are surrounded by audiovisual equipment and children are keen to understand the technology and keep up to date with applied science. Having this opportunity in the classroom helps to facilitate learning” Education Closet.

Every school is different and the learning possibilities through technology are endless! Thus the need for customizable video walls that meet the exact specifications of the educational needs and the available technology budget.

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