Communication on the Move: Digital Signage for the Transportation Industry

Clear, concise communication is a necessity for all industries and especially services industries. When it involves getting information to people to facilitate action, the message needs to be focused and designed to capture attention easily. In the transportation industry, having the best signage is a must, as it helps to ensure maximum efficiency in a fast-paced, often-chaotic setting. If your company is in the transportation sector and need of the most cutting-edge digital signage, let Intermedia Touch be your go-to source.

Digital Signage and the Transportation Industry

The transportation sector spans widely and there are a number of different ways communication can enhance and interplay with it. Digital signage can be incorporated in many ways to enrich the experience for travelers, commuters, and even those who are employed in these settings. Signage and displays can be utilized for entertainment purposes to make traveling/ commuting experiences more enjoyable. It can be used to enable the highest level of communication to ensure travelers and commuters get where they need to go swiftly. Different innovative signage options can be utilized to ensure there is constant communication, providing continuous information in real-time.

Transportation is a broad industry. It involves getting people to and from places, so timeliness is imperative. Communication is non-negotiable. In the process, people want great experiences. This means in regard to digital signage, there is endless potential to use the most advanced technology to curate the ideal experience in each scenario.

Where Can Digital Signage be Utilized in Transportation Settings?

Digital signage can be custom created to suit any environment, including subways, trains, buses, taxis, and cruising, among many others. And it’s not just the vehicles that signage can be created for. In stations, boarding areas, waiting locations, terminals, exits, common areas; anywhere people pass, travel, and/ or congregate can be made more efficient and effective through signage. Displays and interactive signs can be used to provide information and to offer entertainment, creating more interesting settings that enhance the experience for travelers. Signage can be created to present the current time; the current location; the next stop, and any kind of news that may be relevant, such as current delays or if a certain stop is closed at that time.

Beyond Informative; Other Ways to Use Digital Signage in Transportation

Digital signage used in transportation settings can veer away from the informative, as well. Transportation often involves people passing certain areas, often by the thousands in a single day. This presents unique opportunities for marketing and getting the attention of those in the vicinity/ using that particular mode of transport. Advertising is always about getting noticed and getting products and services in front of potential customers and in transportation, you have many opportunities to do this. When travelers are moving from one location to another, such as through terminals into waiting areas and exits, there will be walls and surfaces passed that most likely can feature advertisements. When travelers are in the course of traveling, whether they are sitting in a bus, taxi, train, or airplane, the opportunity to have carefully placed ads and marketing materials can be an excellent way to pique their interest with informative/ relevant content such as news headlines, weather forecasts and updates, entertainment info, sports scores, among any other type of data.

There are endless ways digital signage can be incorporated into the transportation sector due to its many versatile and customized approaches. If you are seeking options to make your transportation business more dynamic in regard to your digital signage, let Intermedia Touch assist in the process. We have immense experience in a broad range of industries, including transportation, and can customize solutions to fit your needs and vision precisely.

To learn more about our many digital signage products, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to bringing the latest technology to your setting.

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