Interactive Digital Signage: Traditional Promotions vs. Interactive Touch-Screen Promotions

traditional promotions vs interactive promotionsTraditional Promotions vs. Interactive Promotions

Tired of the same old pick-a-prop casino promotions?

Bored with the redundancy of stale drawings….well, why not go Interactive? Many casinos become stuck in a groove that is comfortable for the marketer and easy to execute. However is this the best practice to drive players in for an incremental trip? Does it create a memorable and exciting experience across your casino floor? Is it different than what your competitors are doing? The answer most likely is NO to all three questions. So I ask….why haven’t you gone with interactive promotions?

Give your players what they want and what makes sense. Take your promotions into a world of touch-screen technology. Allow your players to navigate through various worlds of winning and excitement in interactive games that are unique to your casino and your ideas. Interactive touch-screen promotions immerse your players into a full sensory experience and leave your players wanting more.  So go ahead….Step apart from traditional promotions and venture into interactive touch-screen promotions.

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