Hit a Homerun Every Time With Custom Digital Signage solutions for Stadiums from Intermedia Touch

Stadiums are hotspots for excitement and the action isn’t limited to sports. They are immersive centers for celebrating our favorite teams, enjoying other events such as concerts, and serving as venues for sponsorships with other businesses. Communicating the right message and creating the ultimate experience for guests is more important than ever, and using the right technology is the best way to do this. The experts at Intermedia Touch can help accomplish your goals for your stadium setting using the finest options in digital signage available.

When it comes to sporting and entertainment events, it’s all about the experience. While the games and the shows are the highlight, the full experience comes down to all of the details, including how guests interact with the setting itself. Patrons are seeking a great time and each environment should cater to this desire. Stadiums are meant to inspire, provide entertainment, and strike emotions of awe in those who visit and one of the best ways to achieve maximum impact is through the intelligent use of smart solutions. Intermedia Touch specializes in creating dynamic digital and interactive signage products that can totally transform a setting into a smart, modern, intuitive, mind-blowing experience; if your stadium isn’t impressing its visitors, the space isn’t being used right.

Stadiums have so much to offer and those not using digital signage technology are at a distinct disadvantage. Digital signage can be utilized in a multitude of ways, to carefully advertise your stadium’s logo, to vividly communicate branding efforts, and to reinforce messages. Using such advancements as vibrant video walls, interactive screens, live video feeds, screensavers, holograms, and other mediums, you can engage your spectators as you capture their interest.

For stadiums and entertainment venues in need up updating, Intermedia Touch’s wide array of digital signage options, customized solutions, and hardware offer the latest technology to ensure guests have exceptional experiences. With the many available types of digital signage technology available, there are endless ways to maximize your venue space to enrich the experience for guests. Customizations are possible to enable game replays and display advertisements; wayfinding technology can be utilized to ensure guests are able to navigate effortlessly through the location with ease, and the most advanced digital signage can be used to make a bold impression.

Keep the Game Going

For stadiums used as sporting events centers, having optimal technology in place can ensure the experience is as fulfilling as possible for all guests. For sporting events and games, having a range of options to ensure viewers never lose sight of the game for a second can be an immensely important factor. Having options for game replays can also be a great way to ensure guests are tuned in and able to take in the action fully at all times.

Custom Kiosks

Customized kiosks from Intermedia Touch have become a highly popular tool for keeping guests connected, entertained, and aware of everything going on at the stadium. Kiosks can serve as a point of reference and navigation to ensure guests are able to easily access a map with interactive directions. Additionally, these interactive tools can be used to interact with and connect with guests in such ways as entertainment, marketing, and education.

If your stadium is in need of the latest technology to create a more interactive experience for your guests, Intermedia Touch can help. Our wide range of products, integration systems, and customized solutions offer convenient options to make your venue more accessible, interactive, and functional while allowing your customers to access information with absolute ease. Great experiences equate to greater customer satisfaction, which can greatly impact profit in positive ways. Contact us today to learn more.

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