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Use Screensavers for Maximum Marketing Impact and Engagement

Customized screensavers from Intermedia Touch offer a unique and efficient way to maximize your digital spaces. Digital signage is one of the smartest, innovative methods you can use to present ideas and drive your marketing efforts continuously, and having specialized screensavers enables your business to present customized content even when you aren’t using your displays.

Having the right marketing materials is essential in today’s competitive business environment. Your signage counts tremendously in how you get your name and branding across to potential clients and having signage well-positioned can be an essential part of your brand’s strategy. All varieties of establishments can take advantage of this innovative option for presenting signage. Among those we currently work with to provide such solutions are casinos, retail establishments, restaurants, entertainment venues, educational institutions, and more.

Custom Digital Solutions for Every Business Need

Intermedia Touch specializes in creating custom interactive signage, and if you are interested in using your digital spaces in more than one way and to enable them to serve more than a single purpose, customized screensavers may be the ideal option. We can develop ideas to customize the right screensaver to present the right approach to reach your audiences while meeting your specific marketing goals. Using the most cutting-edge technology and advanced software, we can create the ideal solutions to fit the needs of today’s businesses. Intermedia Touch offers a variety of formats that can be used for presenting screensavers, including MP4, AVI, MPG.

Flexible Content for Maximized Impact

 Customized screensavers from Intermedia Touch are designed for maximum impact. Advertising in this subtle yet eye-catching way can have quite an effect. For those businesses already using customized digital signage, screensavers allow you to get even more impressions from a platform you’re already using. Screensavers can equate to greater efficiency and higher profits as a result of presenting a continuous, consistent message.

Here at Intermedia Touch, we customize and design every aspect of our screensavers using our advanced software for the most exceptional finished product in the best format for your needs. Throughout the process, we will work with you to create what you need to target your audience precisely and connect with them in an engaging, interesting, and exciting way!

No matter what industry your business is in, custom screensavers from Intermedia Touch enable you to get the most impact from your signage in a creative, eye-catching format that maximizes the impression of your marketing materials. Creative visuals are essential when creating impactful signage and screensavers take this concept even further. To learn more about custom screensavers for your digital signage, and to get a greater idea of how this incredible technology can benefit your business, contact the professionals at Intermedia Touch today. We aim to make your vision a reality.

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