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Why should you use Intermedia Touch’s digital signage in your restaurant? Because we provide you with an exceptional way to enhance your customer environment and attract new customers while increasing sales. We provide you with the easiest way to update or change your menus, promotions and advertisements.  It is as easy as clicking a mouse or tapping a screen!

You will be able to schedule and show anything you want on a digital signage monitor to your customers to let them know about your products, business and your brand.  Here are some reasons you should use Intermedia Touch’s digital signage software and hardware:

  • Advertise more content, more often
  • Save money on printed collateral
  • Increase product and service exposure
  • Provide an interactive experience for customers during ‘dwell’ time while waiting to be seated
  • Provide specials and menu options before they are seated
interactive touch screen table

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