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Intermedia Touch designed and executed an innovative, interactive touch screen display called “Wall of Heroes” honoring organ donors and providing a place of memorial for families, while also providing an educational experience to inspire action on behalf of the viewer.


WOHMiami, FL: Intermedia Touch, one of the leading digital agencies in Miami, has created and installed a state-of-the-art interactive application for their “Wall of Heroes,” in Orlando Regional Medical Health Center. The Wall of Heroes is to honor those that have given the gift of love through organ, eye, and tissue donation. Orlando Regional generously donated the wall space, and TransLife & GR8TODON8 compensated for the project, in their hospital to create a physical memorial that would recognize donors in an innovative and captivating manner. This customized application also serves the purpose of spreading awareness on the miracle that is organ donation, and the interactive display can be used to inspire action by registering new donors, it displays the importance of donating, the staff and organ transplant organizations.

As a result, the creation of this application needed to consider the unique needs of the initiative, because, in addition to creating a customized sign, it also needed to provide an educational experience. The application has been installed using a dramatic 75-inch touch screen monitor, displaying the customized app, aiming to acknowledge those who have heroically donated organs, monumentally benefiting the lives of those who rely on such donations. Organ donation, for many, is seen as the gift of life, and donors often go unrecognized. Darren Sussman stated, “The memorial aspect honors, educates, shows how the gift lives on, and it gives people the opportunity to become organ donors, it is truly multifunctional.”

Julie DeStefano Shahen, an artist, collaborator, and organ recipient was a part of the team who developed the visual and conceptual basis for the Wall of Heroes. The painting features a single water droplet, symbolizing the donation, with eight ripples, representing the eight possible donations made through a single donor, as well as the lives positively affected. The animation was incorporated into the design, enabling the water droplet to fall, creating the eight ripples in sequence, symbolic of the continuous flow of life created through the generosity of organ donation. The interactive display includes the pleasant sound of water moving, while users can physically connect with the display, as touching any of the eight ripples will present information about organ donation and transplantation. They can also register to become organ donors, while also learning about various myths and misconceptions related to donation.

DeStefano Shahen stated, “The chief goal of this project is to offer a memorial, a place where families of organ donors can go to honor their loved ones, where they can go through their emotions.” In regards to working with Intermedia Touch, she stated: “This project is the first and only of its kind and we’re hoping to inspire other projects of a similar nature, so it is our long-term goal to work with Intermedia Touch again in the future if the opportunity was presented – that speaks of the level of respect we have for this company.”

Intermedia Touch is extremely pleased with the endeavor and to have been given the opportunity to work with such a worthy mission that aims to recognize a truly inspirational cause through an initiative that changes lives for the better. This project has enabled the agency to once again expand in a new direction, bridging cutting-edge technology with creativity and insight to create an application that further communicates what the Wall of Heroes is and what it has accomplished for those in need.

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