Simon Properties, Miami International Mall awarded Intermedia Touch the installation of a 10′ x 35′ Full Color 10mm Outdoor LED Billboard. The LED sign was manufactured in the USA and featured an all-aluminum constructed frame and mounting angles. The display utilized universal-sized 12.6″ x 12.6″ modules with watertight IP67 rated float silicone sealed fronts and IP67 rated conformal coated sealed backs, making it resistant to humidity and heat. The LED modules were front and rear accessible and had 3/16″ Allen wrench-actuated metal cam locks at four points, making them easy to maintain.

Intermedia Touch provided project management, permits, engineering, sourcing, testing, and installation services for this project. The company’s team of experts ensured that the LED display was installed correctly and met all necessary safety and regulatory standards. Additionally, the team provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the display continued to function optimally over time.

The LED display featured bright 160-degree viewing angle LEDs set in high contrast 1000:1 ratio louvers, making it easy to view from a distance. The display was powered by humidity and heat-resistant conformal coated Meanwell power supplies, which ensured reliable performance in all weather conditions. The display was certified MET Lab and came with an extensive warranty, giving Simon Properties peace of mind knowing that the display was backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Overall, Intermedia Touch’s successful installation of the 10′ x 35′ Full Color 10mm Outdoor LED Display for Simon Properties at the Miami International Mall showcases the company’s expertise in providing end-to-end solutions for LED display installations. With our comprehensive range of services, Intermedia Touch ensured that the LED display was installed correctly, met all necessary safety and regulatory standards, and was backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing a reliable and effective advertising solution for Simon Properties.

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