Intermedia Touch recently completed an innovative digital signage project for the FIU Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach. The centerpiece of this project is an interactive kiosk that offers visitors a unique virtual tour experience. Through the kiosk, users can explore the museum at their own pace and access a wealth of information about the exhibits and artifacts on display. The interactive nature of the kiosk enhances visitor engagement and provides a dynamic and immersive experience for individuals of all ages.

One of the key highlights of Intermedia Touch’s project is the integration of the Digital History Book “Jews of Florida, Centuries of Stories” by Marcia Jo Zerivitz. This groundbreaking book, which chronicles the rich history of Jews in Florida, is made readily available to visitors through the interactive kiosk. Users can navigate through the book’s digital pages, read captivating stories, and delve deeper into the historical context behind the exhibits they encounter during their visit. This digital integration seamlessly blends traditional museum exploration with modern technology, providing an enriching and informative experience for museum-goers.

By incorporating interactive elements into the signage, Intermedia Touch has successfully transformed the FIU Jewish Museum of Florida into a dynamic and engaging space. The interactive kiosk serves as a bridge between the physical exhibits and the digital realm, offering visitors an immersive journey through the museum’s history and collections. This project not only enhances the visitor experience but also expands access to knowledge and promotes a deeper understanding of the Jewish heritage in Florida. Through their collaboration with Intermedia Touch, the FIU Jewish Museum of Florida has embraced the power of interactive digital signage to create an unforgettable and educational museum experience for all.

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