MAGIC – Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex Custom Interactive Application

Intermedia Touch, a digital signage integrator, designs and implements new interactive application for Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus. In a move to improve the college experience, the application for the school’s visitors and students, offers wayfinding and other helpful information on kiosks utilizing high definition, 50 inch interactive monitors.

One of the interactive kiosks is primarily used for the Miami Animation and Gaming International Complex (MAGIC), and is intended to offer students and visitors with relevant information illustrating the fantastic new programs that MDC is hosting though the MAGIC center. The MAGIC kiosk likewise showcases animations and other innovative projects created by the students at new center for gaming and animation.

The other kiosks established at the college offer wayfinding, as well as information regarding faculty, personnel and staff, Wolfson Archives, and upcoming events at the downtown campus. Designed with accessibility in mind, the new kiosks at MDC Wolfson will help visitors and students alike with detailed class and schedule information.

“MAGIC at MDC Wolfson is committed to providing the best education for our students, in the growing fields of animation and game design.  Taking steps to enable our guests to feel welcome in the in our new facility is important to us.  Intermedia Touch has gone above expectation, to help us achieve our goal of creating an informational and engaging environment for current and future students alike.” said Mauricio Ferrazza – Chairperson, Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex.

About Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch, Inc. is a leader in interactive technology and custom application solutions for a broad range of corporate clients. Offering unmatched service and extensive experience as a technology integrator, our goal is to create unique experiences by making use of the latest interactive technology and applications available in the digital signage industry.

Intermedia Touch, Inc. offers powerful custom software solutions as well as a diverse array of interactive hardware options that include interactive touch screen monitors, interactive infrared surfaces, interactive video walls, interactive holographic glass, indoor/outdoor kiosks, as well as LED signs. With more than 15 years of experience in the information technology and audiovisual fields, the team at Intermedia Touch, Inc. strives to tailor custom interactive solutions that will create the highest visual impact and relevance for your specific target audience.

For further details on the products and services that Intermedia Touch, Inc. has to offer, feel free to contact us at 305-517-3894, or send an email to You can visit us online at or in person at 2600 NW 75 Avenue, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33122.



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