MIAMI — The bridge between virtuality and reality is in the eyes of the player in the $80,000
Coco Tour. In this Interactive touch-screen promotion casino players will feast on a virtual
buffet, take a spin at a virtual players club, and rock out in a virtual entertainment center
winning cash, casino free play, and vacation packages. With every exciting touch players can
win big prizes; however be careful because nothing is ever as it seems. Play too long In this
virtual world and you may just walk away with a consolation prize.
Intermedia Touch knows the importance of creating a winning and memorable experience in its
casino promotions. With a rich portfolio of custom games like $75,000 Strip Poker, Lucky
Charms, Haunted House Game Show and Cyber Space, Intermedia Touch is always looking to
create games that will be the next big casino hit. Therefore Intermedia Touch partnered with
Mapazone®, a company that specializes in cartography services, to create this winning new
3D anime-based casino promotion.
Mapazone® combines the components of a traditional map form with creative design skills and
ingenuity to develop an innovative graphic representation of a product, place, or event. These
specialized maps can be used for hotels, casinos, developers, non-profit organizations,
government agencies, tourism organizations, events, special publications, and much more –
there is no limit to how you can use Mapazone®. Together Mapazone® and Intermedia Touch
have created a game that is taking South Florida by surprise at Seminole Casino Coconut
Intermedia Touch is a front-runner in developing custom casino promotions with touch-screen video walls, kiosks, and hologlass displays. Whether a casino is looking to have a game designed from the ground up, or use an existing game with simple branding enhancements, Intermedia Touch is just the company to make that happen.

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