Intermedia Touch brings their wayfinding tech to a new level of fidelity, with 22 Miles, Inc. a Silicon Valley based Digital Signage solution provider. The arrangement delivers solid groundwork for constructing high definition, 3D wayfinding solutions for clients across the country.

Intermedia Touch provides turnkey solutions, driven by custom hardware, together with high quality service and top notch software design. integrate new digital signage solutions into current business procedures easily, with Intermedia Touch.

Intermedia Touch, incorporating 22 Miles’ wayfinding solutions, is able to create high resolution, detailed indoor and outdoor guidance for areas of any size. 3D, 2.5D and basic 2D mapping are available to determine user location and plan routes quickly.

Other systems available through Intermedia Touch include simple, user-friendly, and dynamic platforms for Donor Boards, Menu Boards, and Directories.  Intermedia Touch implementing 22 Miles’ impressive software solutions enables the ability to connect each platform to the cloud to create a “single, centralized, ‘does-it-all’ solution.” — 22miles 2015 Catalog

About Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch bridges the gap between real and virtual by combining our award-winning software with innovative and interactive hardware solutions.  Through resolute commitment to excellence and a passion for digital signage, we bring the interactive experience to the world through every touch.  With distinguished clients including Florida International University, Miami Children’s Hospital and the Miami Marlins, Intermedia Touch is your source for custom, interactive touch-screen solutions.


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