Intermedia Touch creates another dynamic touch-screen promotion cleverly named as Sgt. Powers. Off the premise of the ever-so-popular, Austin Powers, comes this new hit promotion that is beyond groovy. In this virtual game player’s will choose from a pool party scene, an evil lair, and a far out dance club, all with amazing graphics and video enhancements. Once the scene is selected, the player will choose various objects in hopes of winning cash or casino free play prizes. However the old adage “no guts, no glory” applies in this exciting casino promotion. Keep picking and you may win the grand prize, however take it too far, and you may be shagged!

This is just another example of a creative promotion that has been produced by Intermedia Touch. Other popular casino promotions are $75,000 Strip Poker, Lucky Charms, Angry Turkeys Take Las Vegas, Cyber Space, and Lucky U Lotto.

Intermedia Touch is a front-runner in developing custom casino promotions with touch-screen video walls, interactive kiosks, and hologlass displays. Whether a casino is looking to have a game designed from the ground up, or use an existing game with simple branding enhancements, Intermedia Touch is just the company to make that happen.

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Candy Shop Casino Promotion screen shot