MIAMIFully customizable Digital Wayfinding Solutions are hard to find, but Intermedia Touch can make it fit the demands of every business to create a unique operational experience This DSE award-winning company does this by presenting a cybernetic design of the assigned business along with providing an easy-to-navigate, forcefully impactful display. Digital static wayfinding, interactive wayfinding, and 3D wayfinding are the three most common wayfinding display solutions the company offers. Every solution includes the needed information at the hands of the consumer, however all are dramatically different in style, functionality, interactivity, cost and most importantly, experience.

According to Business Week Magazine it is important to create an unforgettable experience with each client. In fact, experts say that “customer experience will decide the winners and losers in the years ahead.”

The Digital Wayfinding Solutions at Intermedia Touch will allow you to dynamically guide your guests with superior functionality, offer a point of reference through traditional and mobile technology, display interactive and realistic illustrations of your business, and provide a supplementary avenue for branding, marketing, and revenue. “Whether you operate a shopping mall, amusement park, hotel, casino, hospital or any other business; providing a wayfinding solution can make all the difference in the world when it comes to repeat business and overall customer satisfaction in relation to your competitors” says Cristina Miller, President of Intermedia Touch.

Intermedia touch has provided award-winning software applications and innovative interactive hardware solutions for distinguished clients such as Florida International University, Miami Marlins, and Miami Children’s Hospital to name a few. With a product portfolio of custom interactive touch-screen solutions that is as impressive as its clientele list, Intermedia Touch is your source for everything interactive.

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