MIAMI – Intermedia Touch offers an unheard of discount on 3D projection mapping now through September 15th, 2013. Where many companies are inflating their prices to ensure a sizable markup, Intermedia Touch takes the bold approach to show perspective clients that it has everything needed to create a dynamic 3D Projection Mapping celebration, including an unbeatable price. For a limited time qualified businesses can receive 3D Projection Mapping with up to a 50% savings.

Generating a high-impact, visual celebration around a grand marketing campaign is what’s known as 3D projection mapping, a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video. This functionality along with sound effects including music, result in a remarkable and immersive sensory journey. Whether you are celebrating a 100 year anniversary, a grand opening, or another milestone celebration; 3D projection mapping is PR generating, crowd mesmerizing, and theatrically inspiring.

Intermedia Touch has a team of designers and project engineers ready to turn your next big moment into a graphic trans-morphication through a heart-pounding, graphic inspiring, and sound permeating celebration. Whether it is 3D Projection Mapping for a large outside celebration, or an internal intimate gathering, Intermedia Touch will come forth with creative concepts, provide site inspections to discuss sound, lighting, and support needs, and offer IMT assistance for PR opportunities.

Intermedia Touch has provided award-winning software applications and innovative interactive hardware solutions for distinguished clients such as Florida International University, Miami Marlins, and Miami Children’s Hospital to name a few. With a product portfolio of custom interactive touch-screen solutions that is as impressive as its clientele list, Intermedia Touch is your source for everything interactive.

Call today to qualify for a substantial discount on your next 3D projection mapping celebration.

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