Intermedia Touch announced it is working with Baptist Health South Florida and has developed an interactive digital signage kiosk in recognition of Black History Month. The kiosk provides health facts and other historical facts and information on the African-American culture and diaspora.

The research data and information of the kiosk was obtained in part by Baptist Health’s Office of Diversity. The development and implementation of the kiosk itself was made possible by in-kind support of Intermedia Touch.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Intermedia Touch to create this extraordinary kiosk,” said Ricardo Forbes, corporate director and chief diversity officer at Baptist Health South Florida, in the announcement. “Their support for this product has been exceptional and we are delighted to showcase it throughout our corporate family offices for our employees and guests alike to enjoy.” According to the companies, the 55-inch multitouch educational kiosk includes key facts and information on health care services, local and national news of importance to all communities, and more. Employees and guests visiting the facilities will have the opportunity to experience the kiosk while on the Baptist Health South Florida campus and will have an engaging experience on the historical significance of the African-American communities, with health facts, great ways to make a difference, and a “Did You Know” information section to gain insight on African-American heritage.


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