Prepare to be dazzled with this new hit casino promotion that sparkles with player excitement. Loved for its immense beauty, diamonds have been one of the most popular and famous gemstones in history. Now this classic gem thought to be tears of the Gods by Romans, could be coming as a promotion to a casino near you. In this interactive touch-screen game created by Intermedia Touch, players will navigate into stunning virtual jewelry stores located in Hollywood, Miami and New York City, choosing jewelry boxes that contain cash and casino free play. However be cautious of the dreaded cubic zirconia, as choosing the wrong jewelry box may wipe out all player banked prizes. This new casino hit, Dazzling Diamonds Game Show is the latest in a line of exciting and interactive promotions designed by Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch is a front-runner in developing custom, DSE award-winning casino promotions and touch-screen video walls, kiosk, and hologlass platforms. Whether a casino is looking to have a game designed from ground up, or use an existing game with simple branding enhancements, Intermedia Touch is just the company to make that happen.

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