A digital take on an arcade classic: the visually-dynamic Skee Ball promotion has a fully customizable pay table allowing casinos to create the prizes that suit the overall reinvestment strategy for its property.

The exciting Skee Ball game made its debut at Resorts World Casino New York as a way to drive new member patronage and incentivize customers for signing up for the Genting Rewards card. “This promotion is a success! Not only does this unique product allow new members to interact with it, but it also engages patrons that walk past it, and they too become hooked,” says Brad Egnor, Director of Marketing.

Intermedia Touch creates Skee Ball style promotion to assist casinos with their efforts in attracting new customers to their property in a fun, rewarding, and interactive way. In this touch-screen new member promotion, patrons will launch a Skee Ball down the alley of this classic 1909 spinoff to win exciting casino prizes.

Along with logo branding, this game will make a hit for any casino’s new member promotion. The Skee Ball Game can be rented by simply emailing  gaming@intermediatouch.com or by calling Cristina Miller at 305-517-3894.

Intermedia touch has provided award-winning software applications paired with innovative, interactive hardware solutions for distinguished clients such as Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, Seminole Classic Casino, and Hollywood Casino Toledo. With a product portfolio of custom interactive touch-screen solutions that is as impressive as its clientele list, Intermedia Touch is your source for everything interactive.



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