Mobile Apps: How to make them Successful

Mobile AppsIn a previous post, we discussed the importance of creating a mobile app for your business. Now, with over a million mobile apps developed and ready to download, how can you make yours stand out? What makes a mobile app successful?

Every app performs a function- some solve problems while others are for leisure. The key, according to Forbes, is to make certain that your app performs its particular function at an optimal level.

“It must be well designed, both in terms of visuals and the user experience (UX). If the app is good, everything that follows will be easier.”

The second is to make your app a social arena. Allow users to invite friends to join, comment, or share on other social media outlets. With this, potential downloaders will be exposed to a “word of mouth” or “word of keyboard” free marketing initiative. In this social arena, create a way that users can communicate with other users within the app.

Promotion is another important component in creating a successful mobile app. It is crucial to market your app strategically to particular target markets, while measuring the impact of your efforts.

With the tracking of promotions comes more tracking. It is important to track the activity within your app. Figure out what is most frequently clicked. In contrast, find out what is not getting attention. With strategic measuring, you are creating a grounds to build and improve your mobile app.

Finally, make your app easy to use. Make sure that every function within your app is intuitive and common sense. Consumers don’t want to spend time figuring out how to use your app. If this is the case, the likeness that the user will give up and delete your app increases significantly.

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Intermedia Touch, Inc. offers powerful custom software solutions as well as a diverse array of interactive hardware options that include interactive touch screen monitors, interactive infrared surfaces, interactive video walls, interactive holographic glass, indoor/outdoor kiosks, as well as LED signs. With more than 15 years of experience in the information technology and audiovisual fields, the team at Intermedia Touch, Inc. strives to tailor custom interactive solutions that will create the highest visual impact and relevance for your specific target audience.

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