4 Reasons to develop a mobile app for your business

What are the 4 reasons to develop a mobile applications for your business? In a digital society that transformed letters into emails, newspapers into online feeds, and social gatherings into video conferencing, it is no secret that businesses have evolved steadily with the virtual timeline. Nowadays, businesses represent themselves on various social media outlets and media platforms, the most recent being mobile applications.

When the world went digital at the end of the 20th century, mobile phones had small monochrome low resolution screens and limited storage and processing power. Nowadays, smartphones have the capacity to help one learn, earn, and represent a business.

Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project announced that 56 percent of adults in the US own and use smartphones, according to CBS News.

Entrepreneur.com says there are four main reasons every business should have a mobile app.

  1. Engage customers: joining the mobile market opens the door to infinite perspective clients. “It gives companies the potential to engage with their customers in real-time, by location and complete with profile information.”
  2. Customer service and support: Giving your customers easy access to your products and services and an opportunity to take action at one location- their smartphone- will enhance the overall experience.
  3. Promotion: By offering coupons, announcing sales, and keeping customers up to date on promotions, you increase the likelihood of sales. Because geo-targeted notifications can be sent to mobile devices, customers with your app might stop by if a promotion notification is sent while they are near your location.
  4. Online services: Does your business allow online transactions? If so, a mobile app “will give your customers the mobility to do the same things they would traditionally have done sitting at their desks, but on their phones.”

Here are some numbers to think about. According to Business Insider, there are:

  • 18 Million Smartphones in Spain
  • 22 million smartphones in Russia
  • 23 million smartphones in Canada
  • 26 million smartphones in France
  • 27 million smartphones in Germany
  • 32 million smartphones in South Korea
  • 43 million smartphones in the U.K.
  • 44 million smartphones in India
  • 55 million smartphones in Brazil
  • 78 million smartphones in Japan
  • 230 million smartphones in U.S.
  • 246 million smartphones in China



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