Intermedia Touch Announces Partnership with Connect 2 Global as New Agents in Latina America.

This strategic partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their reach and develop new relationships within their respective markets to enable further international expansion.

Intermedia Touch and Connect 2 Global Partnership

Intermedia Touch, one of Miami’s premier digital agencies specializing in interactive signage solutions, has just announced a strategic partnership that was created with Connect2Global. As Intermedia Touch continues to grow at a rapid pace, expansion into the international sphere is imminent. This partnership with Connect2Global is an important move, as it will serve to strengthen Intermedia Touch as the brand makes its way into the South American market.

Intermedia Touch serves as one of the most innovative, cutting-edge agencies whose specialty lies in creating custom interactive digital signage and multimedia solutions for businesses of all varieties. Their clientele in the South Florida area is sprawling and includes many prominent and famous institutions, such as the University of Miami, Marlins Park, and Tarpon Bend. As the company has seen tremendous growth, expanding internationally is on the horizon as strategic positioning.

Connect2Global provides a range of consultancy services that aim to build partnerships while driving business growth, particularly on a global level across borders and into thriving markets. Their clientele consists of a broad range of businesses; from startups to entrepreneurs to executives and large global chains. In partnership with Intermedia Touch, the company intends to further drive their expertise as they assist with its strategic expansion.

Of this partnership and expansion, Cristina Miller, the CEO of Intermedia Touch stated, “Partnering with Connect2Global is an excellent opportunity for our company as we begin to establish a new business in the South American markets.” She furthered this with: “Because of their unique expertise in building relationships and developing strategies in the global sphere, we see this as an exceptional connection that will assist our growth, particularly in the areas of providing solutions, network management, and analysis.”

Intermedia Touch and Connect2Global see this partnership as an exciting opportunity to develop new business in the South American market. This partnership aims to foster growth and provide support as Intermedia Touch builds a presence in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Considering the impact Intermedia Touch has been able to create in the US market with their innovative interactive signage, bringing such solutions to new markets, under the guidance of Connect2Global, this partnership and expansion effort is forecasted to be promising and prosperous.

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