Interactive Tables

Interactive tables bring an innovative approach to the restaurant or corporate setting, enabling a myriad of seamless features that make the experience more enlivening for the guest and streamlined for the business.

How Can Interactive Tables Enhance Your Restaurant?

Interactive TableInteractive tables are one of the most cutting-edge innovations to be seen in restaurants in recent years. This incredible technology can be an excellent option for dining establishments because they reduce the clutter and mess of menus. They enable guests to instantly access the menu upon seating, without having to wait for one, and they never have to worry about sanitation regarding the menu having been passed around numerous guests.

Another significant aspect of interactive tables for restaurants is that they offer a more sustainable approach to traditional menus. Instead of having to reprint them every time the menu changes, or every day when new specials or promotions are offered, the interactive screens can feature these options through their easily-altered software. Saving not only paper from being reprinted continuously but also the time in waiting for printing, as well as saving surface space rather than having menus floating throughout the interior. Less clutter equates to better functionality.

A More Durable Approach

Though the concept of the interactive table may seem intimidating, as they offer brilliant technology straight to the hands of customers in a casual environment, they are very much designed to withstand heavy usage. Considering interactive tables are the perfect option as a result of their immense durability. They are designed to stand up to daily usage in a high-volume setting, and a variety of measures are included in their construction to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Protected with impact glass and fully sealed to prevent the invasion of moisture, our interactive tables are made for reliability and presenting your information in the clearest, most straightforward manner without concern over damage. 

Interactive Tables for the Corporate Setting

Interactive tables are not just used in dining/ restaurant settings. They can be used in corporate environments, as educational tools in classroom settings, and in just about any scenario where having an interactive display at one’s fingertips may be useful. Interactive tables make an exceptional option for enhancing the corporate setting for both clients and employees. As a collaboration tool, interactive conference tables can bring to life your visions in a brilliantly unique, transparent manner. Enabling your team members and guests to be immersed in the presentation in this manner allows for better communication and engagement. Additionally, because our interactive tables are made for portability, you can transport them as needed to different locations or events.

The concept of the interactive table is a brilliant one. It enables guests to access information, which can include menus, directly on the table, with automatic precision. While the most popular application for these unique displays is for restaurants, many businesses are seeing their potential in other uses. Interactive tables bring interactive viewing right to the forefront and viewing space of your audience. Whether used in a dining establishment, or as part of a corporate strategy to demonstrate business initiatives, these tables bring to life ideas and concepts, as they provide information directly to the viewer.

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