Intermedia Touch offers a wide range of custom hardware solutions for kiosks, enabling the most versatile installations and displays for practically every application. Our hardware solutions are available in many sizes and different orientations, along with a variety of wall mount options, to provide versatile options for a custom setup, for every client. If necessary, we do have rental options available on indoor kiosks. Additionally, our indoor kiosks are ADA compliant, and they can be custom wrapped for your preferred theme or brand guidelines.

Custom-Designed Kiosks for Every Application

Indoor Interactive Kiosks from Intermedia TouchAll of our kiosks are custom-designed by our team of professionals for an innovative experience, using the most cutting-edge technology to enhance the audience’s usage. We aim for not only highly advanced features but also a very user-friendly execution that keeps our digital signage products easy to work with while providing all the information necessary. Intermedia Touch specializes in kiosks for all varieties of use, including wayfinding and directories, a point of sale, contests, survey and data capturing, educational learning, museums, exhibitions, and entertainment options; along with video & photo capturing.

Advantages of Kiosks for a Multitude of Businesses

The benefits of kiosks are many, for a wide array of environments. They enable you to display content easily while maximizing space and allowing your customers/ audience the ability to access information conveniently. We design both indoor and outdoor kiosks, along with non-interactive kiosks if desired, and we offer robust, vandal-proof construction if needed. They are made for maximum durability for high use applications, with minimum maintenance necessary for continued convenience.

Kiosk Maintenance

Though our kiosks are designed to withstand the elements, regularly maintaining your kiosk is essential to its ability to perform at the highest level. When it comes to the long-term care of your kiosk, it is necessary to apply certain measures of upkeep, and we suggest this be done regularly. If you are interested in having this handled by professionals, we offer a maintenance plan to ensure your investment is properly managed and maintained.

Intermedia Touch Maintenance

Designed for Long-Lasting Use and Resilience

All kiosks designed and produced by Intermedia Touch are weatherproof, which means they are built to withstand the weather and elements, and they are all rated IP 65. This rating is a measure of quality, and it means that they are completely sealed to prevent moisture and other particles from entering and damaging the unit. Furthermore, they include anti-glare and anti-vandal proof glass, which adds to the performance and security of each device to ensure maximum quality. Our state-of-the-art kiosks include a built-in heating and cooling system to prevent overheating. They are each equipped with high definition sound systems for the clearest, most profound audio abilities.

If you are in need of an interactive solution to provide greater customer satisfaction, a kiosk may be the best solution. Kiosks from Intermedia Touch are custom-designed to handle a myriad of business needs while delivering interactive content to support your customer in the fastest, most efficient manner. Contact us today to learn more about our customized kiosks for your business!

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