Digital Signage: How to Create a Great Customer Experience Using Wayfinding

Many businesses wonder how to improve customer experience. At times, owners often think that digital signage doesn’t generate revenue because they have difficulty measuring the ROI. However digital signage has a strong impact on revenues and improves customer experience. It is partly due to wayfinding as well as providing a positive customer experience. How does it work? Let me explain…

Based on the Business Week Magazine, there is an importance in providing great customer experience. In fact, experts say, “customer experience will decide the winners and losers in the years ahead.” But what exactly is customer experience and how is a Wayfinding Kiosk attached to it?

Improve Customer experience is everything you do to enhance the relationship and the experience customers have with your business.  For example, if you work at a hotel, you might think that the customer experience starts from the moment guests check in with the Front Desk. However, customer experience starts at the moment your guests start looking for a parking spot.

If guests are new to the property, or the property has changed since their last visit, your guests probably won’t know where they are going and may get lost figuring it out. This meandering process around the property causes frustration and may result in a negative guest experience, resulting decreased future property revenues.

So if you really want to provide your customers with a “wow” experience that leaves a lasting impression, consider adding wayfinding kiosks around your property to educate your guests, market your property, and provide an experience this is unforgettable.

An interactive wayfinding kiosk / display can:

  1. Let your guests know where everything is quickly and easily in a step-by-step process. This eliminates confusion.
  2. Communicate better with your guests and Let them know about current events, offers, and things that they can do within your establishment. And much more, really. It all depends on your imagination!

To find out more about video wall options and what’s right for your business, download a free digital signage catalogue

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