Video Walls: What’s All The Hype?

What is all the hype about a video wall? I mean, it’s a bunch of TV’s stacked together to make one large TV. So, why are so many businesses using video walls to further enhance their business and their bottom line financial status? Does it really make economical sense? With all the ways a business can spend money is this an area they should focus on?

In short….yes and yes. Companies are choosing to enhance their business with videos walls for so many reasons. The first reason is that videos walls are completely customizable and are built to fit into any space or location. Many people think video walls must be 16-screens tiled together and larger-than-life. Well that’s a great option, however not the only available option. Video walls can be 3-TV’s tiled, 4-TV’s tiled, 6-TV’s tiled, 9-TV’s tiled and any other combination you are looking for. They can be non-interactive or interactive, created with normal size displays, thin bezels and ultra-thin bezels, and they can be built into walls or built for mobile units!….the possibilities are endless.

Second reason companies are getting video walls is because of the impact they have on customer service, experience and bottom line. Video walls are being used in many ways. So, what is all the hype about a video wall? Here are a few reasons:

  • Provide impactful marketing messages to sell the property and its amenities
  • Provide creative content to enhance the customers dwell time
  • Offer engaging and memorable game content to offer its customers incentives
  • Immediately provide a sensory impact that is a point of differentiation with its competitors.
  • Enhance the overall look of the business.

It is human nature to like what makes you feel good. Therefore if you are a shopper, customer, gamer, patron or any other labeled variation of simply being human. You are going to gravitate to a place that makes you feel good. A place that offers you incentives both visually and potentially financially. A place that cares enough above you to spend money on you and its property. Hence the reason for a video wall.

Video walls can be seen in almost any industry as companies start to understand and see the value the walls have to its business. Whether you operate a casino, hospital, hotel, theme park, restaurant, car dealership, school, or grocery store the message is the same. Your competitors are getting video walls! Why…..because they work. Do you think it is time you should?


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