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In hospitality settings, clear, accurate communication is more necessary than ever. With the latest technology, along with innovative solutions that enable visitors to find the information they need with absolute ease, hospitality businesses can meet these needs in the most creative ways. Intermedia Touch offers a variety of options in regards to digital signage and interactive solutions, and if you are seeking modern methods of communicating in high traffic areas, we can create customized products that fit your needs precisely.

The Latest Communication Solutions Are Available from Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch specializes in communication, and are know-how extends to a vast array of settings. Why should the hotel experience be interactive? Because when you make an environment accessible to navigate, easy to find your way around, easy to understand from the minute one walks in, instantly a better experience is had. As we all know, customer experience is everything when it comes to hospitality, and when you increase the visibility, increase the availability of information, your guests will be at ease knowing they aren’t faced with a confusing environment in a situation meant to be hospitable.

Hospitality Reimagined

Intermedia Touch offers a range of technologies geared towards making the experience enlivening and highly communicative. Digital signage innovation can be utilized in a variety of ways that enable guests to find their way, understand a location’s layout, and access information needed for their visit. Depending on the unique needs of your establishment, we can discuss your goals, help you conceptualize the ideal design, and create the best solutions to fit your needs. We offer our expertise in helping you create the most accessible and functional environment using the latest tech solutions. Depending on your needs and desires, we can create customized displays, interactive walls or tables, kiosks, and personalized software to enable the most functional display of content.

In the hospitality industry, regardless of whether your space is a lobby, restaurant, a hotel, conference room, corridor, or entryway, we can design customized digital signage to fit your needs ideally. Having the most well-curated content is essential to a business, and if your space receives high traffic, it is even more critical to ensure you are using the area wisely to communicate most effectively, using the most advanced technology possible.

Contact Intermedia Touch today to learn more about the many high-tech solutions and customized products we offer that can transform your hospitality space into a more welcoming, intuitive, interactive space that connects with customers in a beautiful manner.

  • Increase sales
  • Inform guest of flight delays
  • Display weather updates
  • Guide your visitors through your hotel
  • Promote dining options
  • Inform about special events

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