Hologlass from Intermedia Touch

Hologlass: Redefining the Digital Sign with Brilliant Technology

Interactive Hologlass

If you want your signage to have a dramatic effect on your viewers, there are options available to you. Hologlass is one of the latest trends in digital signage, and it presents one of the unique opportunities available to create an awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing experience for the viewer. It also creates an incredible medium for communicating your business needs. Taking this interactive approach enables customization, along with the ability to use the most innovative technologies.

Hologlass from Intermedia Touch

Hologlass is one of the most exciting and cutting-edge options available for creating a display unlike any other to indeed make a memorable presentation. Whether used as a sign for your business, or for a tradeshow, boardroom, office, lobby, museum, or shop entrance, it can create a custom display to fit your needs accordingly.

Hologlass is a highly versatile medium, and it can be applied to just about any circumstance. A digital hologlass sign can be displayed on kiosk platforms, or they can be designed to fit almost any size window. Sizes run from 20” to 108”, enabling you to have the most personalized sign created to meet your space. What makes our

Digital Hologlass from Intermedia Touch

custom hologlass signs so remarkable is the individualized approach that uses highly innovative technology to enable a design that suits your needs precisely. These signs can be highly engaging as well, and they can be used with a touchscreen for added functionality. Additionally, hologlass signs from Intermedia Touch are exceptionally portable, enabling you to apply them to a variety of different events, if necessary.

Hologlass displays allow businesses to exhibit the most modern, striking, and advanced digital signage available, using the customized software. The finished result is a sign that features content that suits your communication needs, most brilliantly to captivate your audience. For all of your digital signage and custom hologlass signage needs, let Intermedia Touch be the name you trust.

Our team of experts understands the unique needs of modern businesses, and we have the know-how to bring them to life in the most captivating manner. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed with the right visuals and digital signage products, including hologlass.

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