Healthcare - Wall of Heroes ProjectIn the healthcare sector, having the most advanced communication methods and digital signage can make your location more easily navigated, more accessible to service patients, and present information in a clean, functional manner. Nothing compares to using eye-catching, beautiful presentations that connect with your viewers in a clear and informative way, and Intermedia Touch, an industry leader in creating such products and solutions, can create the ideal signage for your healthcare facility.

Revolutionizing Communication for Healthcare Facilities

One aspect of digital communication that is especially effective in regards to the healthcare industry is digital directories, which can eliminate a significant amount of the printed materials traditionally used. Printed pamphlets and brochures are generally intended to offer information and promote healthful options; however, they do create clutter, waste, and often, end up unused. An excellent alternative to continuously printing informational resources is digital signage, which can be customized to fit the needs of a facility precisely.

There are numerous options Intermedia Touch can design to your healthcare business’ specific needs, and whether your facility requires customized video walls, interactive signs that engage viewers, or you want to promote specific initiatives, our expertise and dedication enable us to produce solutions that will meet your goals in every way. We have a long and reputable history of working with the healthcare industry, and we understand the complex needs of this market. We offer a broad range of services and products, all designed to fit the needs of each business, each facility, and each space with accuracy and precision. We provide such options as digital signage hardware and customized software for your individual needs. We can design custom monitors, custom video walls, custom animation, screensavers, applications, and more, all with the intention of taking your communications and advertising to the next level.

A wide array of solutions exists to make healthcare facilities more interactive and engaging. While paper pamphlets are easily ignored or forgotten about, a brilliantly clear interactive sign that communicates to an audience is not. Intermedia Touch is versed in creating customized signage that engages and interacts with viewers, enabling unsurpassed communication and presentation of information. Whether you intend to display information relevant to procedural protocol, cafeteria menus, public events, or provide guidance and directional information with interactive maps and directories, your needs can be met with customized signage.

Intermedia Touch remains a leader in the industry of digital signage and interactive media. Our customized approach and dedication to staying at the forefront of technology have enabled us to create solutions for an outstanding array of clients who need an innovative approach. Contact us today to discuss the options that are possible, as well as to learn more about our services.

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