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Digital signage brings an opportunity to reduce costs and efforts in static signs. You could use your digital signage integration system in local, state and federal courts, lobbies, waiting areas, public buildings and federal agencies without the need of increasing costs in printed information and signage. Intermedia Touch’s digital signage software and hardware is the easiest and most affordable way to help you:

  • Present Building information
  • Inform staff and visitors of emergency messages
  • Provide visitors and staff with weather alerts
  • Educate visitors about current events

We know that with today’s economy, the government’s budget is more restrictive than ever, making it difficult to invest in obtaining the best technology. That is why Intermedia Touch strives to provide you with the right digital signage software and hardware that fits your budget. We discuss your goals, design your style and develop the right content that works with your budget and achieves your goals..

With Intermedia Touch’s interactive digital signage, it is easier to train your employees, improve communication and information between your building and departments because you won’t have to worry about file types or software capabilities.

Tap Into Something Big with Intermedia Touch.

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