What are the best attention getting display ads?

The best attention-getting display ads are those that combine the superior image-quality of digital displays, dynamic video content or expert animation, a surprising or unique ad location, and the x-factor of viral, advert content. Needless to say, some of these attention-getting qualities are easier to achieve than others. First and foremost, an advertiser should take a long, hard look at digital display ads and digital software that creates some of the best attention-getting ad content in the entire advertising industry. Study after study and advertiser after advertiser attest to the fact that digital display ads are some of the most effective and cost-effective, despite significantly higher costs. The choice to use a digital display ad is among the most dependable of existing options to ensure that your ad content will get noticed.

It’s often impossible to know what advert content will become viral—whether it’s online or through more traditional media and word-of-mouth—especially since much of the content that does go viral nowadays is unplanned. But digital ad displays can increase the likelihood that a company will hit it big with their advert content. As dynamic signage, these digital displays can change/rotate their content, affording companies more risk-taking and creative license with their content, and with significantly less downside.

Combined with a savvy location, these digital display ads are likely to get the attention of more than just the immediate audience—a palpable and highly-coveted hallmark of the best attention-getting display ads.

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