Modern Solutions for Digital Signage for the Education Market


In the education market, communication is more necessary than ever on school campuses. Using the latest digital technologies, including interactive signage, colleges, universities, and grade schools are taking advantage of the many opportunities to ensure their students always have access to information. Communication ensures proper facilitation of the school’s procedures, events, and everything going on. Having communication materials that allow for immense customization and to provide students, parents, faculty, and visitors have fast access to the most important information is imperative to good experiences.

Today’s students are bombarded with more information than ever. They are more distracted, less able to concentrate, and continuously trying to sift through the clutter of daily life. In the education setting, offering them streamlined communications is the most efficient and effective way to bring necessary information to them with ease and clarity.

How Can Customized Digital Signage Enhance a School Campus or Educational Facility?

The ways digital signage can be utilized in education facilities is infinite, and there are a vast array of ways to incorporate signage and communication materials to make the setting more straightforward to understand, engaging, and attractive. Modern students have grown up in a continuously technological society; the Internet of Things permeates every object; apps connect them to their peers and the outside world; accessing information and knowledge comes as easily as requesting it from their personal assistants (Siri, Google, Alexa). If you want to reach today’s students, you must be fast, straightforward, and digitally-able.

Bring Your News and Events to the Forefront

If you want a solution the allows the campus to broadcast events that are going to be happening, a range of different solutions can be used, such as interactive signs, LED displays, screensavers, or video walls. All the information you want to make available be can be presented with ease, and according to your facility’s needs, it can be changed and customized as necessary.

Cutting-Edge Directional Materials & Wayfinding

If your facility is searching for ways to present methods that offer effortless guidance to different destinations on campus, customized kiosks and digital directories with wayfinding software can be created to suit your needs precisely. Using precise mapping technology, solutions can be created that enable students and visitors to map out the campus to plan effective destination routing.

The Most Advanced Option to Put Safety First

We understand the necessity of safety when it comes to school campuses. If you would like to implement a way to ensure emergency messages and evacuation information is available in an instant, interactive signage can be designed precisely to your specifications to meet this need. A system of emergency messaging can be created; evacuation maps can be designed to the specifications of your facility; options for instant communication with law enforcement and campus police can be implemented. If it suits your needs, broadcast emergency notices and pre-set emergency content can be pre-programmed into your displays for immediate usage.

An Interactive Approach for Dining Areas

In campus cafes and cafeterias, digital displays with menus and interactive touchscreens are much more convenient options for the modern era, than the past use of paper menus and chalkboard displays. Reducing paper waste, clutter, and the spread of germs enables facilities to remain more sanitary and simplified while allowing for clear communication in dining areas.

Intermedia Touch is well-versed in the technologies of today, as well as tomorrow, and depending on the needs of your campus or facility, we can create the best solutions to fit your needs. Whether it’s customized digital signage; custom apps and software; brilliant kiosks; or wayfinding technology, we can create exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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