7 Features Your Portable Tablet Display Stand Should Offer!

Tablet display Stands have increased in popularity over the years and have taken over game consoles, dominated tradeshows, and conventions, assisted with office efficiencies, provided trend-setting restaurant menu platforms, and is used for just about anything you can imagine. Due to the expansive functionality of tablets, they have become a mainstream necessity and less of a one-time luxury. Because of this behavioral change, businesses and marketers need a way to showcase the tablet where it not only looks good but functions in a way that promotes and sells.

Your tablet display stands should offer these 7 features:

  1. Variety of shapes and Styles – Your display stand should come in a variety of shapes and sizes to adapt to your unique needs. Presentations are not always the same as your audience may be standing or sitting in groups or by themselves.
  2. Durability – The display stand should be built to adequately protect your tablet– What happens if your client/patrons are clumsy? That’s why the top of the tablet stand must have a locking system that ensures that no matter what, your table will never fall off or break. This should be available to fit the exact tablet-style you have.
  3. Stability – Your tablet display stand must also have a firm base! This is a similar reason to #2 due to the uncontrollable nature of your patrons/clients. A sturdy base will ensure that the display stands with holds potential bumps and brushes.
  4. Light Weight – Your portable tablet display stand should be lightweight! You must be able to easily carry it to your tradeshow, convention, seminar, etc.
  5. Easy to assemble – Time is money. Therefore it is important that you have a tablet display stand that is easy to put together and breakdown. Let’s face it…..no one wants to spend 2 hours trying to figure it out.
  6. Tablet flexibility – Your stand must give you the option of displaying different kinds of tablets. Not every tablet is built the same. Some are bigger, some are thicker, some have cameras, and they all have on/off buttons in different locations. Therefore make sure your stand is the perfect match for your tablet.
  7. Cable Management – Your Tablet Display Stand should offer an integrated cable management system that hides the cables and provides cleanliness and safety.

Here is a video of a portable tablet stand that contains all of the features mentioned above. Watch the video and if you are looking for a stand like this, contact us and will be happy to assist you.

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