Things you should know about Digital Signage in Retail.

When it comes to digital signage in retail offers appearance and usability are of the most important aspects needed to engage with the customers. Not only does the content displayed need to be appealing but also requires to be dynamic and provide information that is relatable and exciting to the target consumer. The goal behind our fully customized solutions is to deliver the best experience possible to the user, maximize the reach of the brand and help them showcase their products, services or any other content relevant to their industry on an innovative and unique way.


Business owners are looking for a solution that catches their customers attention. With Digital Signage the possibilities are much more versatile. The focus is directed towards one source that can provide more information on the screen than throughout the whole store. Rich Media Technologies stated that 44% of people pay more attention to digital signage than billboards, online advertisement, and other traditional forms of marketing. Digital Signage is being used by many business owners today to gain an advantage among their competitors, Boost awareness and increase sales by allowing their customers to interact and have a unique experience with the brand. When building brand loyalty, digital signage creates a lasting impression on the viewer, making them 47% more likely to remember the content displayed. The benefits of these technologies include dynamics in full-motion audio and video, complete network control, flexible and immediate content delivery, displays content that is relevant to specific sites or regions, and much more.


Digital signage in retail will also allow business owners to share seasonal promotions, showcase special events, make special announcements and help the brand collect valuable and measurable information about the consumer thru online forms, social media sharing, or online subscriptions that can be integrated on the custom solution.


Intermedia Touch uses the latest technology and innovative hardware solutions such as LCD, LED, or projections to display images, videos, data, web pages, and much more. Our experienced developers can create an optional custom application tailored to your specific goals or custom wrap your equipment to suit your preferred theme and brand guidelines, offering our clients a complete and integrated solution tailored to help your brand reach their specific goals. Whether you’re looking for a point of sale, educate your audience and engage with your customers, offer wayfinding solutions to guide your audience in an open area or share valuable content to inform the user, we are the one-stop solution that will provide you with the solution your business needs.


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