Digital Signage Software: Use Content to Convert Visitors Into Leads.

Converting visitors into solid leads is simple…or is it? One of the key elements to the success of your interactive digital signage solution is content. As we have mentioned in previous posts, you must understand your target audience in order display content that speaks their language. We’re not talking about English, Spanish or Swahili; we’re talking about providing your target audience with what they want, when they want it and how they would like it.

Why is this important? Well, as a marketer your responsibility is to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. One of the most common questions marketers get asked about digital signage is “how do I make money with this?” The answer truly relies on the content that is displayed. If you have the right content, your leads will be engaged, intrigued, encouraged and willing to positively react.

So, how do you leverage your Digital Signage with the right content to positively get your customers to react and make the decision to purchase? This principle is called reciprocity and it was introduced by Dr. Robert Cialdini’s in his book titled Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.   Reciprocity is very simple. It means that if someone does something for you, you will naturally want to do something for them. This philosophy has been used for years. It also can be known as the Golden Rule! So how does this apply to your marketing content?

Give your audience something of value for free or discounted. That’s right. Give your visitors something of value for an amazing price and with high perceived value! For example: you are a hotel; you can give your patrons a discount if they register before a certain date, or a bonus meal for booking a certain room type. If you work at a restaurant, how about giving your customers a free meal when they provide you with their contact information? Or as a Casino operator, why not give your players casino free play or a gift when they earn a certain amount of points on their player’s card?

This marketing strategy will increase your probability of converting your visitors into leads. You will provide yours customers with an incentive when they provide you with a designated reaction! This means that your visitors have just become leads! This also means that you are building loyalty for your product and your brand.

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