Digital Directories

Digital Directories: Offering Intuitive Navigation & Stress-Free Direction

Digital Directories can give your guests the kind of navigation they need, without a stressful time figuring it all out. Confusion, chaos, and people aimlessly wandering are the opposite of what your facility wants to create for the experience of those visiting. In the best environments, guests find what they need with ease, as they feel an instant sense of comfort in knowing they will not face uncertainty as they try to find where they are going. Simplicity keeps things positive and flowing smoothly.

Digital Directories from Intermedia Touch

Digital Navigation for Every Environment

Enable your guests and visitors to find their way quickly and conveniently using a custom Digital Directory from Intermedia Touch. Our directories are designed to enable fast access and simple navigation, which contributes to overall positive experiences for those wanting information without a hassle.

Your guests, visitors, and clients should be able to easily find their way without a problem or a complicated process, regardless of the type of location you have. Our Digital Directories have been used in a wide variety of settings, including universities, shopping complexes, casinos, and office complexes, and as a result of their customized approach, guests are given the benefit of stress-free navigation as they locate their direction.

Customized Design for Maximum Impact

All Digital Directories from Intermedia Touch are custom designed to enable your location and business to have the most individualized setup.

Such factors as your business’s operational design, along with marketing necessities will be taken into account in their creation, enabling you to have a navigational point that meets your needs fully.

Intermedia Touch’s Digital Directories are powered by our Wayfinding software, which provides the highest quality navigation. They enable your audience to navigate quickly to find what or who they are looking for without a mission. They each feature a user-friendly interface using alphanumeric and graphic-structured indexing, enabling easy-to-understand points of reference, which will allow your guests to locate their way digitally through your location.

Your visitors shouldn’t have to waste time figuring out where they are going and how to find the person they need to see, and with a Digital Directory from Intermedia Touch, they will be able to do just that with ease. There won’t even be a second thought about it, and that’s what makes our directories such a pleasure to use; the right information gets presented in the proper format, and guests end up with a great experience. We provide solutions, and if your business can benefit from a modern, digital approach to navigation for your guests, contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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