Digital Signage: A How-To Guide for Developing Applications for Your Business

The first step for developing applications for your business is to evaluate if your IT department has the internal capabilities. If you have it, then you are good to start off.  If you do not, then you require the assistance of experts who can take the vision of your application and make it a reality.

The next step is to decide on what system to display your app. Is your app going to be displayed on a mobile device? iOS or Android? , Or maybe an IPad? This is important because each system provides you with a unique amount of direct exposure. On a mobile device you will reach one person at a single time for the most part, but if you want more exposure, then you should invest on a cross-platform solution that will be available for multiple people and devices

The third step you need to think about is considering the functionality and consumption scenario of your application.  You should keep in mind that too many features can overwhelm the user’s experience, especially if you are developing an app for your business. This is because many of your customers will use your app while on the go. This means that your customers may not have the time to navigate through your app for a long period of time, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for within minutes or seconds, they’ll simply not use it and not recommend it.

Another important aspect of developing applications is usability. This really is the factor that can bust the consumer experience. If the usability is not correctly implemented, your consumers will find your application too difficult to use and will not get engaged in it. One way to make it simpler for your customers to use your application is to add touch-screen technology. Because today many mobile devices are touch-screen compatible, people are familiar with the interactivity of this type of technology. Interactivity will make your content more engaging and easier to navigate.

Next, you should consider how profitable your app can be. If earning extra money from your app is one of your goals, then you should think about the price you are going to charge for it and price it accordingly to its functionality and the value it adds to your consumers.  Don’t underestimate this step because pricing your mobile application too high can have a negative impact on your potential users, while pricing it too low will make you lose the opportunity of making revenue.

The last step is to test, test and keep testing your app. Even the most prestigious softwares break and mobile applications are not the exception. Before you place the mobile app for your business on the market, you should test it multiple times until you are sure that it runs with ease.  The mobile app will affect your brand if you sell / distribute an app that has errors, problems and erroneous delays. Even if your app is free; having a dysfunctional app will affect your business with a negative reputation. Therefore it is vital to test, test, and retest your app before it goes to the market!


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