Benefits of Custom Displays from Intermedia Touch

Outdoor Displays

Outdoor Displays

Intermedia Touch Inc offers creative, cutting-edge and dynamic custom software solutions and adiverse array of interactive hardware options including; interactive touchscreen monitors, infrared interactive surfaces, interactive video walls, interactive holographic glass, indoor/outdoor kiosks and LED signs.

Long gone are the days where traditional static displays offer the kind of return on investment companies rely on. Today’s fast-evolving technology creates a marketplace where consumers crave interactivity. Intermedia Touch Inc serves businesses looking to grow by utilizing innovative gesture technology and customized software aimed at relaying and capturing information. We offer the solutions that capture, attract and engage your audience to meet these objectives! Software solutions such as way-finding/directories, registration screens, e-commerce, promotions, advertisements, image galleries, videos, sound, data mining, content management systems, and limitless other possibilities to suit your particular needs.

Benefits of Custom Displays from Intermedia Touch:

Enhance a Building’s Overall Aesthetics: The right display can do so much to enhance your building’s exterior appearance, while serving as a tool that works to both gain the attention of those passing by, and by advertising your brand.

Enclosures Designed to Protect Equipment: If needed, our displays can be designed to incorporate an enclosure that will serve to secure the equipment as needed, ensuring protection for your investment.

Designed for Customer Engagement: Intermedia Touch designs all digital signage products, including displays, to promote the highest level of customer engagement and communication with every beautiful presentation.

Increase Sales & Brand Loyalty: A custom display from Intermedia Touch is an excellent way to increase your business’s sales because it can be used to communicate quickly and get your message across in a unique, eye-catching manner. Excellent signage can also be used to build brand loyalty, by engaging customers and reminding them why your brand is the best.

Options for Surge Protection and Battery Backup: If needed, our displays can include options for surge protection and battery backup, depending on the needs of your display.

ADA Compliance: Displays from Intermedia Touch are designed to be entirely ADA Compliant.

If you’d like to up your company’s communication and advertising efforts by including custom digital signage and custom displays, let the professionals at Intermedia Touch help make your vision a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our displays, and how they can work for you and your business. For further details on the products and services. To learn more visit:

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