Custom Digital Displays  to Enhance Visibility & Customer Engagement

70" Displays from Intermedia Touch

When it comes to visual communication, this aspect of marketing is essential for capturing the attention and interest of your customers and guests. Depending on your type of business, a custom digital display can engage your visitors, increase sales, and invoke a deeper loyalty for your brand.

Custom Digital Displays From Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch is an industry leader in customized digital signage, specializing in customizing unique displays. Each display is designed to fit the needs of each business precisely while keeping in mind your vision and goals intended to be achieved. You have the option of interactive and non-interactive displays, each of which has their unique benefits in engaging customers while maximizing attention for your company, as well as advertising. If you’re considering enhancing the visual approach of your company, a custom display can be an incredible addition.

How Can an LED Display Benefit Your Business?

Interactive displays offer an innovative approach for connecting with guests, using brilliant technology and visuals. With a custom display, the touchscreen serves as a medium of communication. With a variety of options, the display can be used for wayfinding, as a digital directory, a means of incorporating social media, a means of sharing QR codes, or even as a tool to engage customers in promotional games; the uses are immensely dynamic and very accessible for customization.


Designed for Maximum Effectiveness in Communication  

55" Custom Digital Display at Tarpon Bend, Coral Gables.

Displays from Intermedia Touch are all custom designed according to your needs and to accommodate your space precisely. Our displays are available for indoor or outdoor mounting, and they can be either interactive or non-interactive, per your requirements and what you are aiming to accomplish. Sizes for a custom display typically range from 49”, 50”, and as large as 55’, while custom sizes are also available depending on the finished result you are aiming for. They can be recessed or surface mounted, per the needs of your space or preferences. Displays can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientations, as well, to ensure the most optimal fit.

Depending on the needs of your display, we also offer the option of custom enclosures for your screen. This would entail custom coloring, with a finish of powder coating or high-grade paint, based on your requirements. Additionally, vinyl wrapping is also an option, as a stylistic approach, if you’d prefer.

Non-Interactive Custom Digital Display

If your space and display needs are more geared towards a non-interactive display, we can create the perfect display as well. Non-interactive digital signage displays from Intermedia Touch are created using brilliant monitors, and they are exceptional tools that can serve your business by displaying information regarding new products, promotions, upcoming events, and more.

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