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Intermedia Touch has been able to create a strong presence in the US market with their innovative interactive signage solutions, bringing such solutions to new markets. Intermedia Touch under the guidance of Connect2Global will develop new business in the South American market aiming to foster growth and provide support in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

“Partnering with Connect2Global is an excellent opportunity for our company as we begin to establish a new business in the South American markets.” She furthered this with: “Because of their unique expertise in building relationships and developing strategies in the global sphere, we see this as an exceptional connection that will assist our growth, particularly in the areas of providing solutions, network management, and analysis.” – Cristina Miller, the CEO of Intermedia Touch 

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Fill the following form or contact: 

Connect 2 Global
Carolina Reindeiro
Connect 2 Global
Carmen Diaz

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