As competition becomes more saturated across the nation, the need for integrated, promotion solutions are essential. Gone are the days of traditional marketing with static signs and envelope drawings.

The time has come where casinos must leverage experiential-based digital signage in both advertising and in promotions, just to keep up with the competition. Marketers must find ways to take player’s on a journey that is engaging, memorable and rewarding in order to keep them captivated.

This can be done through interactive wayfinding software, interactive promotional walls, kiosks and digital signage solutions.

Gaming offers venues many advantages

  • Guide players to preferred games
  • Create 2D / 3D Interactive Promotions
  • Display poker room wait times and lists
  • Advertise marketing content across the floor
  • Notify guests of jackpot winners
  • Promote bar and restaurant menus

Step 1: Digital Signage Platforms: Kiosks, Walls, and Displays! Choose what platform works best for you!

STEP 2: Choose from over 200 turnkey promotion solutions or customize your own! Select any example below to learn more.

Step 3: Determine your prize payout structure!

Regardless of the gaming system the objective remains the same. Keep players on the floor while enticing them to enjoy all that the casino has to offer. With intelligently designed and placed interactive digital signage your guests will be engaged and informed of all the amenities while keeping their hands free to keep them in gaming action. Promote your player’s favorite games and locations, clearly present casino information guidance throughout the property, custom design casino drawings and promotions, and provide your players with a digital experience that is engaging, educational, and informative!




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