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Benefits of Virtual Reality as a Multimedia Solution

There is so much Virtual Reality can add to your initiative. As a custom solution that enables you to bring your user straight into the experience, as a sales tool or for demonstration, few methods can match the ability to create an experience like VR. Virtual Reality offers stunning detail and exceptionally high-quality visuals to […]

Benefits of Custom Applications from Intermedia Touch Include:

Intermedia Touch specializes in creating customized digital solutions of all varieties, which enables us to design, develop, and bring to life exactly what your vision entails. If your business is in need of an application to offer an interactive approach, while enabling your message to truly stand out in an unconventional, unique manner, allow us […]

Benefits of Digital Directories from Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch’s Digital Directories are powered by our Wayfinding software, which provides the highest quality navigation. They enable your audience to navigate quickly to find what or who they are looking for without a mission. They each feature a user-friendly interface using alphanumeric and graphic-structured indexing, enabling easy-to-understand points of reference, which will allow your […]

Intermedia Touch Announces Partnership with Connect 2 Global as New Agents in Latina America.

This strategic partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their reach and develop new relationships within their respective markets to enable further international expansion. Intermedia Touch, one of Miami’s premier digital agencies specializing in interactive signage solutions, has just announced a strategic partnership that was created with Connect2Global. As Intermedia Touch continues to grow at […]

Benefits of Having a Custom Video Wall from Intermedia Touch

We design our video walls for the highest level of resilience and reliability. They are created and built using professional-grade materials, and they can withstand a variety of common environmental factors like heat, humidity, and light to ensure a long lifespan and excellent quality for years to come. Our video walls are: Fully Customizable: Our […]

Benefits of Wayfinding Software from Intermedia Touch

The Wayfinding Package from Intermedia Touch We offer a wide range of features to ensure our Wayfinding Software fulfills all of your needs, and for our customers, we create an economic package that includes everything necessary for usage. When you order this software, it will consist of 3D Wayfinding, Interactive Systems, along with Static Software. […]

Some of the Many Benefits of Interactive Tables:

The concept of the interactive table is a brilliant one. It enables guests to access information, which can include menus, directly on the table, with automatic precision. While the most popular application for these unique displays is for restaurants, many businesses are seeing their potential in other uses. Interactive tables bring interactive viewing right to […]

Advantages of Using Hologlass Digital Signs for Your Company:

Hologlass displays allow businesses to exhibit the most modern, striking, and advanced digital signage available, using the customized software. The finished result is a sign that features content that suits your communication needs, most brilliantly to captivate your audience. For all of your digital signage and custom hologlass signage needs, let Intermedia Touch be the […]

How Can an LED Display Benefit Your Business?

Using an LED Display can be a highly beneficial marketing tool. These displays are a sustainable method of delivering a message to broad audiences. Brilliant Displays for Every Need Sustainable Technology: The technology behind Intermedia Touch’s LED displays is highly sustainable, enabling businesses to have excellent means of communication that exerts less energy to present […]

Top Advantages of Using Custom Holograms

Captivate your audience like never before with stunning holograms. Holograms are a unique option to enhance a setting by presenting a visually-engaging work of art that can deliver a message, unlike any other medium. Innovative Displays for Showcasing Digital Signage: Nothing conveys your signage better than a 3D hologram that presents the perfect balance of a […]

Benefits of Custom Displays from Intermedia Touch

Intermedia Touch Inc offers creative, cutting-edge and dynamic custom software solutions and adiverse array of interactive hardware options including; interactive touchscreen monitors, infrared interactive surfaces, interactive video walls, interactive holographic glass, indoor/outdoor kiosks and LED signs. Long gone are the days where traditional static displays offer the kind of return on investment companies rely on. […]

How Can our Interactive Kiosk Improve Your Services?

  All of our interactive kiosks are custom-designed by our team of professionals for an innovative experience, using the most cutting-edge technology to enhance the audience’s usage. We aim for not only highly advanced features but also a very user-friendly execution that keeps our digital signage products easy to work with while providing all the information […]

Things you should know about Digital Signage in Retail.

When it comes to digital signage solutions for the retail industry, appearance and usability are of the most important aspects needed to engage with the customers. Not only does the content displayed need to be appealing but also requires to be dynamic and provide information that is relatable and exciting to the target consumer. The […]

What You Need to Know About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been around for many years now, first originating as panoramic paintings that encompassed viewer’s vision and made them feel as though they were there in the action. Later progressing into stereoscopic viewers with no motion tracking, but establishing the same effect. Now VR has evolved into a completely new technology, the term […]

Digital Signage: How to Create a Great Customer Experience Using Wayfinding

Many businesses wonder how obtaining digital signage, could be a benefit to their business. At times, owners often think that digital signage doesn’t generate revenue because they have difficulty measuring the ROI. However digital signage has a strong impact on revenues. It is partly due to wayfinding as well as providing a positive customer experience. How does it […]

5 Reasons Why Interactive Gaming is Here to Stay

Interactive Gaming has quickly become the dominant form of media entertainment, as of this article’s publication, in the 3rd quarter of 2015, the gaming industry has made over $115 billion in sales worldwide, where even Hollywood’s top 10 box office movies combined, only made $3 billion. ( This trend is not slowing down anytime soon, […]

Digital Signage for Small Businesses: Small Packages with Large Appeal

Digital Signage is a fascinating way to capture the attention of an audience, while simultaneously providing an excellent return on investment.  At the same time, many digital signage solutions are geared towards large, high traffic areas, with products such as video walls, LED signs and interactive touch-screen kiosks.  While these technologies are excellent at taking […]

3D Hologram Technology: How to Augment the Reality of Product Sales

In the modern world of marketing, advertisements bombard consumers throughout the course of the entire day.  From the typical radio and television ads, to the more recently established push notifications on cell phones and giant glowing digital signs lining every highway, our world has become an array of giant commercials.  There are even commercials on […]

Mobile Apps: How to make them Successful

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of creating a mobile app for your business. Now, with over a million mobile apps developed and ready to download, how can you make yours stand out? What makes a mobile app successful? Every app performs a function- some solve problems while others are for leisure. The […]

4 Reasons to develop a mobile app for your business

What are the 4 reasons to develop a mobile app for your business? In a digital society that transformed letters into emails, newspapers into online feeds, and social gatherings into video conferencing, it is no secret that businesses have evolved steadily with the virtual timeline. Nowadays, businesses represent themselves on various social media outlets and media […]

Digital Wayfinding: 4 Benefits on Campus

The school year has started and is well on its way, but you realize that your campus still has room for improvement. With digital wayfinding, you can improve your school in four dynamic ways. First, enhance the experience of students and faculty by using state-of-the-art touch-screen technology. In a technological world of smartphones, tablets, laptops, […]

Video Walls: Enriching Kids Educational Experience

Nowadays, we see right and left the constant implementation of technology. Every person is attached to a mobile phone as if it were an extension of the arm, and young children have perfected the use of tablets and computers before they can so much as drink from a Sippy cup. Teenagers can’t leave the house […]

Digital Signage: A How-To Guide for Developing Apps for Your Business

The first step to develop a mobile app for your business is to evaluate if your IT department has the internal capabilities. If you have it, then you are good to start off.  If you do not, then you require the assistance of experts who can take the vision of your application and make it […]

Video Walls: Understanding the Associated Variable Costs!

Your company has thought long and hard and has decided to propel its business into the future of technology by purchasing a video wall. You may be asking yourself “How can I customize the wall to fit the specific needs of our business, and how do these different customizations affect the overall cost”? The answer […]

Digital Signage Software: Use Content to Convert Visitors Into Leads.

Converting visitors into solid leads is simple…or is it? One of the key elements to the success of your interactive digital signage solution is content. As we have mentioned in previous posts, you must understand your target audience in order display content that speaks their language. We’re not talking about English, Spanish or Swahili; we’re […]

Videos Walls: What’s All The Hype?

What is all the hype about a video wall? I mean, it’s a bunch of TV’s stacked together to make one large TV. So, why are so many businesses using video walls to further enhance their business and their bottom line financial status? Does it really make economical sense? With all the ways a business […]

7 Features Your Portable Tablet Display Stand Should Offer!

Tablet displays have increased in popularity over the years and have taken over game consoles, dominated tradeshows and conventions, assisted with office efficiencies, provided trend-setting restaurant menu platforms, and is used for just about anything you can imagine. Due to the expansive functionality of tablets they have become a mainstream necessity and less of a […]

Interactive Video Walls – How Casinos Can Use Them!

Casinos continue to pop up in the desert, on a metropolis street corner, in the bayou, and in just about every one of the 50 states. As the industry becomes more competitive, the need to captivate and attract gaming customers to one’s casino is crucial to the casinos bottom line success. This increased competitive nature […]

Intermedia Touch Sets Out to Win The Business Journals Social Madness Contest!

Intermedia Touch is gearing up to take part in this year’s Social Madness Contest through the South Florida Business Journal. This contest measures social media stats of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and Google+ followers of participating businesses. Each business competes against each other to achieve the highest measureable growth in all categories with […]

Interactive Digital Signage: 3 Types of Wayfinding Displays

This is done by depicting a virtual layout of the business with an easy-to-navigate display. The three most common wayfinding displays are: digital static wayfinding, interactive wayfinding, or a 3D wayfinding. Each solution provides the needed information at the consumer’s fingertips, however all vary dramatically in overall look, functionality, interactivity, and cost. So what makes […]

3D Projection Mapping For Business

Have your ever heard of 3D projection Mapping? Well, this technology is the art of taking a stationary object and bringing it to life through graphic trans-morphication. In simpler terms, it looks at a still object and creates fluid-like graphic movements that is dynamically created to react to every corner, crevice and façade detail. 3D […]

Interactive Digital Signage: Why Should You Get an Interactive Wall?

Have you ever asked yourself about the benefits that a LCD interactive wall display can bring to your business? In today’s post, I’d like to tell you about this amazingly impactful solution and the benefits that it can bring to your business. Marketers are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest technology to […]

Interactive Kiosk: How To Display the Right Content

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of content is the right content for your interactive kiosk? knowing the right content to display can have a tremendous impact on the exposure, response, and retention of your marketing efforts and your bottom line. However before you decide on your content strategy, you must define your target […]

7 factors You Must Take in Consideration When Using Outdoor Digital Signage

Everyday more and more companies are implementing internal and external digital signage at their establishment to showcase marketing offers, sales products and informational content with the intent of increasing revenue and patronage. Today we want to educate you about outdoor digital signage, how it is used, and key factors that should be taken into consideration […]

Coming Up With Interactive Digital Signage Content

One of the most important steps in building an interactive digital signage solution for your business is deciding on the creative content. Content in its basic form is simply what you are displaying on the screens that you want your audience to know. To maximize your reach and efforts you must provide the right digital […]

What Is Digital Signage? And some of the benefits that it provides

Many individuals and businesses are interested in digital signage, but they are ignorant to the full capabilities of everything it has to offer. Therefore today we would like to educate you on what it is, how it works, where it can be placed, and some of the benefits that it provides. Digital signage, in its simplest […]

Winning 3 Digital Signage Awards And What it Means!

Intermedia Touch receives 3 digital signage awards from the world’s largest and longest running International Conference and Tradeshow dedicated exclusively to digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home networks. The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) awards won by Intermedia Touch include one Gold Award in Education and Healthcare and two Silver Awards in Arts, Entertainment and […]

Digital Signage Expo Announces Content Awards Winners

Digital Signage Expo, the world’s largest and longest-running international conference and trade show dedicated exclusively to digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home networks, today announced the independently judged winners of its Apex and Content Awards for 2013 at its 4th Annual Awards Dinner Sponsored this year by the Digital Signage Federation. This year Gold, […]

Digital Signage Software: Is Customer Experience that Important?

“ Customer Experience has emerged as the single most important aspect in achieving success for companies across all industries ” (Pepper and Rogers) [1].  Take a look at companies like Amazon, Apple and Starbucks. They all offer fantastic products, as well as unmatched customer experiences in their respective industries! For example, when you browse through […]

Interactive Digital Signage: Traditional Promotions vs. Interactive Touch-Screen Promotions

Traditional Promotions vs. Interactive Promotions Tired of the same old pick-a-prop casino promotions? Bored with the redundancy of stale drawings….well, why not go Interactive? Many casinos become stuck in a groove that is comfortable for the marketer and easy to execute. However is this the best practice to drive players in for an incremental trip? […]

Why Bring Interactive Digital Signage Drawings to Your Casino?

Differentiate your casino by offering your players an interactive digital signage drawings and software experience through touch-screen promotions.  By taking the step to go interactive you provide your players with an unforgettable, winning experience. This is possible because of dynamic game content that is custom designed to meet the exact needs of the casino. For example, […]

Intermedia Touch Creates An Interactive Touch-Screen 70’s Themed Game Show That Is Groovy !!

The 70’s Interactive Touch Screen are back and better than ever in Cash Clips a popular casino promotion designed by Intermedia Touch. Who doesn’t love the wistful feel of the “Me Decade” with popular TV Shows like Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, The Jefferson’s, Brady Bunch, and WKRP? Now  casinos can provide their players […]

Digital Signage Software: Are You Ready For the Revolution?

The interactive digital signage software revolution is approaching. You can look at the future in many different aspects and one of them must be in terms of technology. For example, look at the phone you had 5 years ago and look at the phone you have now. Has technology changed? Will it continue to change? […]

The Truth Behind Interactive Digital Signage Software

We live in a society where technology dictates the past, the present and the success of our future. With the use of smart phones, ipads, computers, and other devices, technology is expanding faster than ever, all while connecting us in what some believe as the seven degrees of separation. This technological growth has brought many […]

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