Benefits of Digital Directories from Intermedia Touch

Custom Application with Digital Directory

Intermedia Touch’s Digital Directories are powered by our Wayfinding software, which provides the highest quality navigation. They enable your audience to navigate quickly to find what or who they are looking for without a mission. They each feature a user-friendly interface using alphanumeric and graphic-structured indexing, enabling easy-to-understand points of reference, which will allow your guests to locate their way digitally through your location.


  • Provide Easy Orientation: Your visitors, guests, and employees will be pleased with the level of attention to detail and the information presented in an easy-to-access, easy to navigate manner.


  • Enrich their Experience: Regardless of the type of business, offering modern, communicative, intuitive navigation provides the benefit of a great experience. Isn’t that what you want for the visitors and guests of your facility?


  • Customer Service, Upgraded: Your guests want fast, seamless access, and with a Digital Directory, you provide just that. You don’t want them to have to ponder their directions or get frustrated by not being able to find their way. With a customized directory, you enhance their experience in your facility by making it easier than expected.


  • Customize Your Marketing Content: By providing a customized system that guides your guests through the facility, you can subtly and precisely display your content for marketing to have the greatest impact.


  • Customizable Content in Every Manner: Because we specialize in custom digital solutions, our Digital Directories are fully tailored to your exact needs and specifications.


  • Applicable to Any Location or Setting: Our Digital Directories have been used in a wide variety of circumstances, and whatever the needs of your facility and business, we can tailor our directories to suit them to enable the best experiences for your guests.


Your visitors shouldn’t have to waste time figuring out where they are going and how to find the person they need to see, and with a Digital Directory from Intermedia Touch, they will be able to do just that with ease. There won’t even be a second thought about it, and that’s what makes our directories such a pleasure to use; the right information gets presented in the proper format, and guests end up with a great experience. We provide solutions, and if your business can benefit from a modern, digital approach to navigation for your guests, To learn more visit:

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