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Digital Signage and the Future of Technology for Airports

Airports have become more than just a place to travel through. Today’s airports see massive amounts of traffic, with thousands of people coming through them on a day-to-day basis. Because they are hubs, there is immense potential to update the old fashioned, generic airport into a modern, interactive, easy-to-navigate center of travel that connects with visitors, elevating the experience from bland to exciting.

There are endless options for increasing communication in the airport setting and the many available technologies from Intermedia Touch can bring forth a highly interactive experience. Using such solutions as kiosks, video walls, LED displays, and wayfinding software, airports can benefit immensely. These technologies enhance the functionality of public settings in many regards, enabling guests to find their way with ease and convenience, access certain areas without needing direction while learning about promotional initiatives through eye-catching signage. Digital signage solutions from Intermedia Touch are utilized in a wide array of markets, including hospitals, universities, restaurants, entertainment venues, and stadiums, all of which have significantly benefited from having the latest in cutting-edge digital technology.

Digital Signage for Airports

Digital signage in today’s public settings is a unique advantage that allows for the most streamlined, eye-catching displays that make it clear what businesses are offering while incorporating the latest technology. The functionality of airports often depends on the flow of traffic and the right curated signage can do so much to aid this process. Different options are available, including a wide range of custom LED display solutions created to fit the precise needs of each client and setting.

Navigation Made Simple with Kiosks & Wayfinding Technology

Kiosks present one of the most versatile options for visitors making their way through an airport as they offer a visually-appealing display that instantly draws the user in. They are equipped with a wide array of information, which is customized to each application, enabling airports to directly serve their patrons with the ease of a single point of contact. Using our wayfinding software technology, kiosks can provide directions and navigation to enable users the ability to find their way with ease and comfort, without stress or complication.

Endless Marketing Opportunities

The airport presents an excellent opportunity for marketing, as so many visitors pass through them daily. Simple walls can be utilized as advertising and marketing opportunities, knowing that thousands of people will be viewing them. Whether the aim is to create a visually-pleasing setting that engages and inspires those who pass by or to capture attention for a specific purpose, such as promoting other industries such as travel or local eateries; customized interactive signage solutions from Intermedia Touch can be created to fit every need.

To learn more about our customized digital signage products, please feel free to contact us for a consultation. We aim to bring the latest technologies to today’s businesses, and here at Intermedia Touch, we specialize in creating bold, unique, purpose-driven digital signage and other interactive solutions. With our unmatched expertise in marketing, when it comes to the airport setting, we have the know-how to bring your vision to reality!

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