Custom Interactive Solutions for the Education Market

Communication is more necessary than ever on school campuses. Using the latest digital technologies, such as custom interactive solutions, colleges, universities, and grade schools, are taking advantage of the many opportunities to ensure their students always have access to information. Communication ensures proper facilitation of the school’s procedures, events, and everything going on. Having communication materials that allow for extensive customization and to provide students, parents, faculty, and visitors have fast access to the essential information is imperative to good experiences.

Today’s students are bombarded with more information than ever. They are more distracted, less able to concentrate, and continuously trying to move through the clutter of daily life. In the education setting, offering them streamlined communications is the most efficient and effective way to bring necessary information to them with ease and clarity.

An Interactive Approach for Dining Areas

In campus cafes and cafeterias, digital displays with menus and interactive touchscreens are much more convenient options for the modern era. For example, the use of paper menus and chalkboard displays are a thing of the past. Reducing paper waste, clutter, and the spread of germs enables facilities to remain more sanitary and simplified while allowing for clear communication in dining areas.

Advantages of Custom Interactive Solutions for the Education Market

  • Offer clear, focused communication with LED displays and digital bulletin boards
  • Offer digital menu boards with specials, options, prices, and schedules
  • Utilize interactive kiosks to enable fast access to information for students
  • Video walls can be used to present news, events, and for recognition
  • Offering modern solutions for emergency management with emergency alerts
  • Digital signage is convenient to maintain while offering unsurpassed clarity
  • Sustainable communication options with a range of paperless solutions

Intermedia Touch is well-versed in the technologies of today, as well as tomorrow, and depending on the needs of your campus or facility, we can create the best solutions to fit your needs. Whether it’s customized digital signage; custom apps and software; brilliant kiosks; or way-finding technology, we can create what you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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