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3D Holograms Solutions: How to Augment the Reality of Product Sales

In the modern world of marketing, advertisements bombard consumers throughout the course of the entire day.  From the typical radio and television ads, to the more recently established push notifications on cell phones and giant glowing digital signs lining every highway, our world has become an array of giant commercials.  There are even commercials on news sites that take over the screen while reading articles like this one! However, disregarding the ethics of ad placement, this advertising trend is growing in strength every year, but the level of consumer responsiveness is dropping at a similar rate.

The main issue with these marketing strategies is a reliance on the quantity, not quality, of consumer engagement.  The average person is so fed up with constant advertising, that they instinctually ignore the ads in order to remain sane. This isn’t the end for marketing strategies, but it is a reason to move away from the current norm and find a new avenue to boost product sales.

Total coverage for consumer engagement, while in theory, sounds like an effective way to guarantee the dissemination of product awareness, oversaturation in reality can accomplish the opposite of the desired effect.  The consumer becomes overwhelmed or annoyed with consistent advertising and their willingness to impulse buy follows a path of diminishing returns.  Simultaneously, when there is a lack of advertising, the consumer will not consider the product when in a planned buying situation.

There is a happy medium in which both types of consumers experience the maximum level of engagement without feeling overwhelmed or under-stimulated.  The ideal strategy involves appealing to a consumer’s sense of amazement or their “wow” factor.  The answer to increasing product reputation and public familiarity resides in the next step for digital signage, the evolution of 3D hologram technology.

Hologram technology creates a direct link between the consumer and the product in ways that weren’t possible in the past.  The 3D hologram’s augmented reality isn’t just a novel experience; it is the latest step in combining the real world with the ever growing presence of a digital landscape.  The impact level this visual revolution has on consumers is enchanting and creates a lasting memory without the need for more aggressive marketing tactics.

Another benefit included in the use of 3D holograms for onsite product advertisement is an unconscious association the consumer makes with the product on display and the technology used to display the product.  When enticing 3D graphics and product information zip around a new brand of running shoes housed in a holographic display, the message sent by the shoe company is one of high tech design backed by scientific research.  The product is automatically elevated to a status of extreme consideration to detail and high build quality.

The most important advantage inherent in 3D holographic displays is the ability to catch a person’s attention and keep it.  In the current product climate, image is everything.  Portraying an image of the cutting-edge is more important than ever.  The idea is to use a focused and highly effective marketing tool to break through the advertising haze that has clogged the channel between retailers and consumers.  The answer resides in 3D holograms, the perfect tool for busting through the mundane haze that clouds the eyes of many potential consumers today.

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