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Specialized screensavers allow your digital signage space to always be in use, maximizing your efficiency and profit even when you aren’t actively using your signage displays. Intermedia Touch will work with you to customize a screensaver that suits your needs and target audience.

Screensavers provide:

  • Content customized for your specific needs.
  • Constant and efficient use of your displays and signage areas.
  • Reinforcement of your personal or organizational branding.
  • Easy and efficient digital signage!


Intermedia touch develops all aspects of screensavers using the most recent and advanced software in order to have the following features:

  1. Fluid-like graphics.
  2. 3D animation effects.
  3. Vibrant colors.

We provide you the screensavers in the following formats so that they can be used all throughout your casino: MP4, AVI, MPG.


Take a look at some examples of what your screensaver may look like! Usable on any screen or video wall.


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