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Intermedia Touch Debuts Candy Promotion

Miami, FLA., :  Intermedia Touch presents a sweet new promotion at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino. The casino game, Candy Shop, takes players on a dessert filled voyage into phenomenal prizes. Designed to fit into the casino's brand image, Candy Shop expands on the atmosphere and helps enhance the exciting feel already in play at Gulfstream Park. Intermedia Touch continues their endeavor to make amazing, custom content.

Given one minute to win big, Candy Shop tasks players with the goal of matching the many tasty treats hidden in this digital sweets shop.  With every match completed, the winnings increase, match every combination possible and win $1000 cash. 

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Intermedia Touch Unleashes Zombies on Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino

Miami, FLA., :  The zombie takes to the haunted woods in the fun new, spooky promotion by Intermedia Touch.  Played throughout the month of October, Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino is celebrating Halloween in style with Zombie Apple Bobbing.  Enjoy a silly Halloween night of witches, monsters, and werewolves, as a fun loving apple bobbing zombie named Frollie.  Players have the chance to plunge a zombie face into a cauldron of bubbling green goo, in the hopes of snatching out an apple, and with it, awesome prizes. 

Look forward to more seasonal promotions from Intermedia Touch in the near future. 

Intermedia Touch to Incorporate Latest Beacon Tech

Miami, FLA., :  Intermedia Touch utilizes the BlueBeak beacon platform to expand their product lineup, and offer a new level of guest engagement. By setting the beacons to exchange information depending on a guest's distance, Intermedia Touch changes the marketing game.  This revolutionary platform employs tech similar to iBeacon & Eddystone technologies, which identify guests' locations using their cell phones' Bluetooth.

BlueBeak through Intermedia Touch, also enables companies to track their guests movements to analyze customer behavior at any location, and keep them informed on products and services in their vicinity; all of this in real time.  The message from a beacon can be set to change, based on its distance from guest, and each beacon can be set to send different information based on guest proximity, whether the guest is close, medium, or far away from the beacons.  By using this distance identification, BlueBeak can provide step by step wayfinding guidance, directly to the person's phone, with more accuracy than GPS can produce indoors.

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